Minirig launch the ultimate festival speaker

Other | Friday 2nd June 2017 | Arren

Minirig have sorted your festival speaker this season!

We know exactly what it's like getting back to your tent after a day partying - but you just ain't done yet. The painful reality of hearing your fire playlist through only your pathetic phone speakers is just too much to bear.

Enter Minirig who've designed, well, a mini-rig. Originally handmade, they proved so popular that they have been manufactured for the last few years to meet demand. They've now upgraded their Bluetooth speaker, bringing an 80 hour battery life and 15W amp to your after party. They explain a whole bunch of science shit that frankly, I don't understand and can't be bothered to research, but from I can gather, it's loud - their loudest yet and that's all that matters! The important bit is that it comes with two different power settings of various sound quality and battery life.

The portable speaker can be connected up through Bluetooth and USB, and can double up as a portable charger to give your phone that extra juice it needs to push it through after a long day. 

Minirig are an independent speaker brand from Bristol, who grew out of sound system culture - so they know good sound quality and how to get it. Their latest device looks to be a game changer so those 'silent end of festival days' are numbered!

Although it comes with a relatively hefty price, you will be very hard pressed to find a louder and better quality speaker. The Minirig performs better than many other mini speakers that cost much, much more!

Full details and specs are over on the Minirig website.