Lifestyle Music turn their heads down under

Drum and Bass | Thursday 18th May 2017 | Arren

Lifestyle Music put the limelight on the drum & bass scene down-under.

UK-based Lifestyle Music dropped one of their most ambitious projects yet. Entitled the Australian Connection, they've sourced some of the countries most promising producers for an album showcasing the talent that exists there.

A healthy balance of unknown names sit with the more established talents for a collection of records representing Aussie drum & bass to full effect. Lockjaw, Dauntless & Gran Calavera are some of the bigger names of the contributors who have joined with a fist full of emerging talents including Ewol, VLTRN & Okuli.

Two years in the making, it features rough rollers to fat steppers - Lifestyle Music have brought the best sounds emulating from the country to their imprint for this special release. Hear the tracks below and grab a copy now over on their BandCamp page.

Lifestyle Music
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