Head of FBI fired! Trumps administration falling apart!

Other | Friday 12th May 2017 | Roberto

Wow doesn't it seem like the Trump administration believe they're above the law? To fire the man currently heading an investigation into your campaign is very brazen, especially as the president of the United States.

Many have asked, why has the Trump team fired James Comey. Truth is, there's a lot of different factors at play here.

Many Republicans in the U.S side with Trump, and enforce the notion that this was due to Comey's handling of the Clinton investigation. Now, Comey is definitely no saint. However, I do find it interesting that this time around Trump feels Comey was too hard on Hilary Clinton when during his campaigning, the chants "lock her up" was a recurring theme running up to his presidency.

Those on the left of the political spectrum, such as Democratic Minority Leader Senator Chuck Schumer, feel that Trump is trying to hide his activity and this move may have come from panic, over the recent developments in the FBI Investigation.

It is important to note that James Comey just days before, requested subpoenas for not only Michael Flynn, (Ex-National Security Advisor believed to have ties to the Russian government), but many other associates of the Trump campaign.

Comey had also requested for an increase in resources to speed up the probe in the Trump Campaign and sent this request to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who later wrote the memo that has been widely regarded as the main argument for the firing of James Comey. 

While firing Comey would certainly hinder the investigation, perhaps the Trump administration's main motive for firing the FBI Director wasn't just to cover his tracks.

Looking at the facts. Comey would not be the sole person who in the FBI, had an interest in this investigation. He also would have had loyalists who may very well still pursue this investigation, now perhaps more aggressively. As well as the Democrats, some angry Republicans on top of the millions of American voters. If this was also to hide the possibility that there may have been some collaboration with Russia during his campaign, it's had the complete effect.

Perhaps there's more of a motive here with Trump's actions. There are too many questions left unanswered.

On the same day of James Comey's firing, Trump not only met with Senior Russian officials Sergey V. Lavrov, the Russian foreign minister, and Sergey I. Kislyak, Moscow’s ambassador to the United States in the White House, but also Henry Kissinger, one of the world's biggest political influencers to date!

It has now also been revealed that sensitive information may have been given to these officials during the meeting.

What if what Trump is doing here, is trying to send a message?

We have seen time and time again, Trump and his administration push the boundaries in relation to what they can get away with. Donald has also been no stranger in attacking the institutions that he, as the President, should be collaborating with. Instead, we have seen the U.S President take an authoritarian stance and attack those very institutions.

We have seen him fire Sally Yates, when she opposed Trumps Executive Order on Immigration, along with many others who have been forced to resign. With James Comey now also sacked, perhaps this is more of a threat to those who choose to go against him. 

Furthermore, let's take note from Trump's words since the election. He has praised other authoritarians, those who feel they're above the law such as Turkeys President Erdogan & Russian President Vladimir Putin. Commending them for their control over respected countries, handling of their own respected media & political opponents. 

Trump is not stupid, as much as many may disagree with me here. Even if he was, his team aren't. As the President of the United States, your decisions and moves have to be considered carefully. Knowing the consequences, Trump still executed the firing.

Again, Comey is no Saint. However, whether this was a panic move or a power move, from the outside looking in, it was the wrong move. We can look back at President Nixon who back then fired Archibald Cox, the special investigator appointed back in October 1973 which led to calls for impeachment. If history is repeating itself, then Donald Trump and his administration are falling apart.

Read the letter from the White House on the firing of James Comey. May 9, 2017 - here!