Elderbrook on the future: 'The main goal is just to keep making music I love'

House | Friday 12th May 2017 | Patience

Known for his minimalist, melodic, electro sound, Elderbrook has been making serious moves in the scene for some time now. With his debut single 'Could' reaching over 4.5 million plays on Spotify and getting constant love from BBC Radio 1 DJs, Elderbrook is one to watch.

Back with new single 'Difficult to Love', he lets us know why writing this single was such an "interesting concept" for him.

Tell us about your journey with electronic music?

I got into electronic music without realising I did, originally my sound was much more acoustic and almost folky. I only used producing software to record the music.

But the more I recorded, the more I discovered things that I could use to enhance and manipulate my recorded sounds - so I started experimenting and incorporating electronic sounds, and haven’t stopped since.

How would describe your sound?

Bouncy, brooding and great fun!

So how did your latest single 'Difficult To Love’ come about?

The melody of the chorus "I’m difficult to love at the best of times" had been floating around in my head for months. Although originally the lyrics were "You’re difficult to love." The idea of being difficult to love wasn’t a personal reflection, I thought it was just an interesting concept and something different to write about. 

You worked with DJ/producer Ben Pearce on this track, how was that? 

I spent some time writing with Ben and we thought that the chorus melody was a good starting point. From there the song worked itself out pretty quickly after that!

So can we expect any new music from you soon?

Yes! I am working on a collection of music that is nearly ready. Very excited to share with you guys.

You are going on tour with Jonas Blue in May, what are you most looking forward to for the tour?

I’m looking forward to playing to a new group of people that I’ve never had the chance to play to before. That, along with playing at some great venues as well! Also looking forward to seeing how Jonas Blue constructs a live set as I know it’s mainly been a DJ set in the past. 

You've worked with a number of artists from AndHim, George Kwali to Eats Everything, can we expect any more collabs in future projects? 

I’m sure there will be many more! I’m always working with new people and coming up with some really interesting stuff! Nothing specific at the moment though. 

 You are also going to LA this June to play at The Echo, what are you most looking forward to?

Well although I’ve  played there before, I’ve never played my own headline show on the west coast before so that will be great! Obviously looking forward to being in LA for a few days as well, it’s always a lot of fun.

What ideas changed your life?

Wifi on airplanes!

What would you do to make the world a better place?

Solar power.

What's the worst thing you have a reputation for? 

Changing my opinions.

 What would you fill a swimming pool with if it could be anything?

A time machine.

So what's next?

The main goal is just to keep making music I love. I’ve got a lot coming up and a lot of new music to share with the world!