Mindhorn review: “TV cop helps real cop solve crime”

Other | Monday 8th May 2017 | Grace

Written by and starring both Simon Farnaby (who wrote Rogue One, Bunny and the Bull) and The Mighty Boosh’s very own Julian Barratt, Mindhorn tells the story of washed up actor, Richard Thorncroft. Who once played the role of a handsome and cunning crime detective on the Isle of Man in the 1980’s, known simply as Mindhorn.

After the leaving the island when his acting career failed, Thorncroft finds himself living in a bedsit in London, sporting a toupee and struggling to get acting roles.

25 years later he is called back to the island when a real murder needs investigating and the suspected culprit (a simpleton going by the name of ‘Kestrel’, played by Russel Tovey) will only talk to the actor Thorncroft, believing that the detective Mindhorn is a real person. Kestrel has a rather large obsession with the character similar to the obsessed fan in  Alan Partridge.

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The movie incorporates the best of British comedy and surrealism and although perhaps more suited for the smaller screen, Mindhorn still has great potential to become a cult classic.

For some easy watching and a chance to laugh at the funny moments of British life, Mindhorn is well worth a watch. Especially for those fans of Barratt and Farnaby’s previous work.