Refugee befriending scheme is making a real difference!

Other | Friday 28th April 2017 | Grace

Coming to a new country and finding your feet can be hard enough when you have the support of people around you and a bit of spare cash in your back pocket. 

But coming into a new country when you have nothing, and you don’t know anybody, while escaping a war-torn country at the same time must be horrible, if not 10 times worse.

However, this is a reality for so many refugees coming into the UK every day.

The good news though, is that after the 'Befriending Scheme', which was launched in March, hundreds of Londoners have signed up to help refugees in need.

The scheme will help people from other countries to meet people in the UK who will talk to them on the phone, spend a day with them, and generally help them to feel safer and happier in an alien environment.

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Find out more here about how to get involved.