Sands doing 'what he feels like'

Indie | Thursday 27th April 2017 | Patience

London based multi-instrumentalist Andrew Sands is back with his latest self titled EP SANDS, showcasing his versatility and trippy but psychedelic vocals. The energetic tunes are heavily influenced by experimental sounds birthed from Sand's, and producer Brett Shaw's collaboration.

Each tack is a gem and it marks Sands as one to keep an eye out for, with a new album coming out in June, Sands is showing no signs of slowing down as he lets us know what we can expect from his upcoming LP!

Hi, how's your day been?  

Working as usual, just having a break and then back to the studio.

So are you working on something new at the moment?

Yeah, actually there's a couple of tracks that I am actually putting out in June, download only. This is basically going to be a follow up to the EP, then in the summer I am going to get into the mixing stage of the whole record.

Will the record be an album or an EP?

Yeah, it will be an album but its four tracks that I am putting out now.

So how would you describe your sound?

I have so many influences actually, I combine a lot of the 60's, and there is a more acoustic rock sound to it as well. I also use the 70's as well and the post-punk thing, and the glam thing, and the cultural thing and the 80's as well, so a lot of underground and rock n roll, as well as experimental pop.

So I try to pick up a lot of things from all the big ages and to me even if they might be sounding differently, that's a sort of common thread I try to have in my music.

Tell us about you latest single 'Celebrate'?

That was the second track of the EP, the first one ('Poison in You') was really different to 'Celebrate' but to me it's like picking up two things on the opposites sides of what I do. And with the album that is going to come out, you will definitely find more gritty stuff, rather than more dark synthy stuff.

So what was the inspiration behind Celebrate?

Well there's a few but musically new wave definitely. But you know it's not enough to just say new wave because there's really a lot and when it comes to writing it's just a song and a acoustic guitar, and then when you are in the studio it sort of goes into one direction than the other and this time around, it really got that new wave thing!  

So your four track EP is out now, what can we expect from your upcoming LP? 

I am starting from here to prepare the ground work for what will be in the record, and hopefully from there setting up a band for some gigs, because so far it's just been me involved in the recording process, so I am starting now to think about setting up a programme like that. 

As a multi-instrumentalist  you said the whole process is quite 'natural,' so is this how you always approach music?

Yeah! I have always been involved in other projects and the more I was involved I started to do more than just my bit, so it was a natural thing you know, just playing those instruments, I was kind of arranging things one at time. Just layering stuff basically, sometimes I already have everything pretty much in mind, other times it was pretty much more experimental, but yeah it was natural in this kind of sense.

So if you could work with anyone, who would be your ideal person to work with?

I would really love to work with someone else that really gives a kind of different input. There is a lot of mixing engineers out there like David Wrench that I would love to work with. He is definitely a great guy, but I can't just mention one, there is so many,

You started making music at a young age, how did that whole journey begin?

It started out as a teenage thing, I sort of discovered this whole new world and a new attitude towards life as well, I picked up my first instrument which for me was the drums, and soon after it was the guitar, and I fell in love with the guitar and then I started being in bands. And then I found that bass was not that far from guitar and then I got into keyboards, and more kind of classical stuff as well.

'Poison in you' shows off your talents as a singer, songwriter and instrumentalist. Do you enjoy creating records that highlight the different ways you can approach music?

Honestly I am not really much interested in showing off to anybody, I am just interested in doing something that I like and enjoy doing, I hope that people appreciate it, but it's nothing to do with showing any sort of skill or whatever, I just try and do what I feel like is good.

But it must be great to have all kinds of instruments at your disposal, to experiment with in your music. 

Sometimes I can't do it, because there is no use experimenting for that particular track, and sometimes when you experiment too much it can really go anywhere.

What would you fill a swimming pool with if it could be anything.

Margarita and women!

So what's next for you?

I want to continue to put out stuff basically, and I am not sure if the 4 tracks on the EP will feature on the record but it will be something like a 10 or 11 tracks album.