Eatbrain are going to Let It Roll

Drum and Bass | Wednesday 6th April 2016 | Arren

Eatbrain have kicked off the Goes to Let It Roll EP series.

In the run up to Let it Roll, some of drum & bass' best will showcase what they’re about ahead of their appearances at the festival. The first one is already here, and it’s the Hungarian powerhouse Eatbrain who’ve supplied the fire for the EP’s debut. As expected, they’ve set the benchmark pretty high.

Known for its dark and twisted style, the label delivers four burning tracks from their artist roster. Long time Eatbrain artists L 33 and Mindscape with two newer talents, Agressor Bunx and Machinecode, bring the goods, showcasing the imprint's hard edged technical sound.

Expect to hear mind bending manipulations of sounds on a cinematically epic scale. The bass tones are deep, the drums are clear cut and the energy levels are high. Eatbrain have cooked up a four tracked monster that’ll fry your brains, and that's precisely why Let It Roll have enlisted them to host a stage this summer.

The EP is out now, get your copy here.

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