5 facts about heels that you probably didn’t know

Other | Wednesday 19th April 2017 | Despina

You might think that high heels are a modern invention but their history goes way back.


Since their development, high heels have been worn by both men and women for numerous reasons. Here are 4 facts about heels that you probably didn't know about:


Men were the first to wear heels



From the late 16th Century until the early 18th, high heels were a men's fashion, and then later a unisex fashion trend in Europe.


High heels were worn by both men and women



In ancient Egypt, heeled shoes were worn by both men and women, and most commonly for ceremonial purposes. Men also wore them because the heel allowed extra stability when riding horses to keep the foot secure in stirrups. By around 1740, the trend had died out.


In ancient Rome high heels were associated with prostitution 



In ancient Rome, where sex trade was legal, high heels were used to identify those within the trade to potential clients and high heels became associated with prostitution. 


Ancient Egyptian butchers wore high heels



Heels were also used for practical reasons. Egyptian butchers wore them in order to walk over the bloodied bodies of animal carcasses and to keep the blood away from their feet. Heels were made out of leather pieces that were held together by lacing.


The first high heels made for fashion were because of a Queen’s insecurities



Catherine de Medici was engaged to the Duke of Orleans at the age of 14, but because of how tall the Duke was (and how short the Queen to be was as well), she felt insecure in comparison to the Duke’s favorite mistress, who in comparison to her was very tall.


Medici came up with the idea of adding two inches to her heels, these heels became a success and soon became associated with wealth and privilege.