4 reasons to take a gap year

Other | Thursday 13th April 2017 | Valentina

Whether you have just finished college, uni or your first internship a gap year is a great opportunity to relax and reflect on what you have just achieved. 

When I first came to study in Europe, I was quite surprised to see students taking a gap year. I sincerely thought it is a waste of time, but over time I have changed my mind, and here's 4 reasons why:

There is a bigger world out there

The opportunity to see the world is wonderful and if you start working straight away you could miss it all! They say travel while you are a young, and they are so right. You are more active, full of dreams and we are never guaranteed old age, so do it!

There's no need to rush into anything

Most decisions made in a hurry turn out really bad. For example, you might decide to go to uni and then realise it is too difficult or you didn't actually need that 'degree' to get your dream job. A gap year will give you time to reevaluate your next step, who knows you might want to do something completely different by the end of your gap year.

Backpacking adventures 

Imagine all the amazing stories you will have! You will always have something to talk about, and honestly, I regret not taking a gap year. I hope I will be able to go on a gap year soon, but for now remember, life is one big adventure, we just have to be open to it. 

You could make a real difference

Why not volunteer abroad, its the perfect opportunity to combine doing something worthwhile, while also seeing the big wide world. Try and spend a couple of weeks in the place of your choice, and immerse yourself in the culture and the people. Not only will you gain a whole new perspective on life but it can also relieve stress and anxiety as you  start to make meaningful connections.