Isle of Wight's Wight Night goes down a storm in aid of Stand Up To Cancer

Indie | Wednesday 12th April 2017 | Alice

For a night of amazing music you had no need to look further than The Isle of Wight’s Stand Up to Cancer’s Wight Night at the Half Moon, Putney.

The atmosphere was buzzing from the start with a great line up. IOWF’s Wight Night welcomed four of their festival's upcoming acts, Judas, Wild Front, Paves and The Second Sons. It was a night of good rhythm sections, good atmosphere and generous donations to an amazing cause.

The beginning of the night introduced us to The Second Sons who draw from rock ‘n’ roll, blues and soul. Their songs, especially ‘Can’t You See’ clearly draw on some of the greatest era’s of rock ‘n’ roll with hints of blues. The boys smashed their opening set and set the event off in style.

As far as leading front men go, it was a pleasure to see Paves front man Luke Sheild grace the stage with his hypnotic presence and set list. From the word go especially the incredibly sexy “Dancing Till the End of Time” Paves had their set nailed.

The four piece band have in two years gone from playing small venues to playing some of the UK’s biggest festivals. It was difficult not to be drawn in to Shield’s sterling presence and occasional dreamy French vocals.

Half way through the set, Shield disappeared much to the surprise of the audience only for us to later realise he had been playing a captivating set with immense pain due to an unwell knee. 

The dedication to performing to such a standard can’t go unrecognized when Shield remained focused without a hint of obvious pain passing through his facial expressions. It was clear that Paves won’t be limited with such mature rock ‘n’ roll and beautifully wielded harmonies.

While Wild Front were one of the nicest surprises of the night. Without having seen Wild Front before I waited with much intrigue, although almost instantly I had a large smile smacked across my face. 

The indie 70’s rock sound gelled together as a team and delivered bass lines I couldn’t forget for days. Andy-Joe Connell’s vocals left everyone relaxing into the music whilst still holding everyone's energy. This continued throughout the whole set without a hint of letting up, Wild Front were one if not the stars of the night.

The last band to take to the stage were Judas. The London four piece opened with their well known angsty breakdown before opening the set with a brand new track, ‘Weekend to Attend'. 

All those who have seen Judas before know it is almost impossible to stand still when they are playing their intoxicating melodies. With the second song a returning favourite ‘Youth of the Young Age’ and then ‘Love Is the Enemy” it didn’t take long for the crowd to start singing and moving, enjoying their all-time favourites. 

The truely enjoyable thing about watching Judas is the energy put into every second of every track, there will at no point be a moment where there is no movement and passion on the stage, making the atmosphere thick with good sound and one hell of a show.

The night was a roaring success raising money for such an amazing cause whilst showcasing acts from this year’s IOWF line-up. 

With all four acts raising the roof for ‘stand up to Cancer’ it is certain they are one’s to watch out of this year’s line up. So if you missed this night of exceptional music and talent, get yourself down to Isle of Wight Festival to be able to live it.

Listen to The Second Sons, PavesWild Front and Judas here!

Visit Isle of Wight's website to see the full line up and tickets