5 Minutes With Rakaa Iriscience & DJ Babu

RnB/Hip Hop | Monday 8th July 2013 | Jake

Ahead of their headline gig at The Doctor's Orders 8th Birthday we caught up with hip hop heavyweights Rakaa Iriscience and DJ Babu, 2/3 of the legendary Dilated Peoples who are now touring and partying as Expansion Team Soundsystem.

What's the meaning behind the name 'Expansion Team'?

Rakaa: In sports, an Expansion Team is a new team that comes in and makes the league bigger. When Dilated was just breaking into the game and named our second album and our label / company that, we were that new group that made the industry make room for us. That's the name of our crew and our business, so Babu and I represent that when we launch our sound system too. Expansion Team Soundsystem.

What was the last full LP you (each) listened to?

Rakaa: Shit... I don't know... Maybe RA the Rugged Man's Legends Never Die... Oh wait, I'm tripping... I just heard the whole Step Brothers album that will be dropping this Fall. That shit is crazy!

Babu: Yeezus!

What's the worst battle you've ever witnessed and what made it so bad?

Rakaa: Hmmmm... There's always the classic 'Eli Porter vs. Envy'-- though that one does have a certain sad charm to it. Words can't quite describe it.

 Babu: Envy vs. Eli if you haven't peeped it your late, arguably the worst rap battle ever.. a great watch highly recommended.

Can you guys get much work done when you're high?

Babu: Yes, it's preferable.

Rakaa: Yes. That is the only reason that this interview is being done right now. Well, that and the fact that Spin Doctor asked me on you behalf. It's almost his birthday, you know? 

Dominos or Papa John's?

Babu: Papa John's, although I've heard Domino's has been stepping it up.

Rakaa: Damn... I won't be all pretentious and start with the "do I really have to pick one?" just because they are both disgusting. I'll go ahead and say Domino's because I guess I've forced down more of it.

Catch Babu and Rakaa @PlanB on the 12th of this month for The Doctor's Orders 8th Birthday, grab your tickets here before they sell out!

Jake P @LoopBe1