Teens Stopped From Boarding Flight For Wearing Leggings!

Other | Monday 27th March 2017 | Shuaib

Two teenage girls were not allowed to board a United Airlines flight because they did not meet the plane's dress code.

According to fellow passenger Shannon Watts the gate agent told the girls to "change or put dresses on over the leggings or they can't board." 

Watts took to twitter to express her anger against the airline saying that the ban was "sexist" and "sexualising young women."

Christine Teigen joined the controversy with her own tweet saying she had worn "No Pants" and "Just a top as a dress" on a previous trip with the airline, highlighting the airline's double standard.

The model went on to jokingly add that the next time she flies with the airline she will just wear "jeans and a scarf."

United Airlines was quick to follow up with a tweet saying that if passengers violate Rule 21 of the airline's contract of carriage, the airline has the right to refuse transport. 

But the rule only says that passengers will be denied if they “are barefoot or not properly attired.” It does not specify exactly what 'proper' attire actually means.

United responded to the crticism with their own tweet emphasising that the teenagers had a stricter dress code because they were United pass riders.

Pass riders are ticket holders given tickets for free, by either a family member or a friend at a discounted price. Which means that the airline's regulation only applies to employees or pass riders. 

Even though the airline wrote a statement saying that leggings were now allowed, nothing has changed for employees and United pass travelers, who are still being policed by the airline for wearing leggings!