April's got deep in the jungle with Lavery

Drum and Bass | Friday 24th March 2017 | Arren

London based Lavery gives us a killer playlist.

Ahead of his sick release on Back In The Jungle, Lavery has given us a collection of his favourite old skool jungle tunes. He lands his debut on Hybrid's imprint that's focussed on capturing the vibes from jungle's golden era. Titled King of the Beats, Lavery cooks up four jungle tunes with uplifting vocals, killer breaks and mad samples. The full release drops April 14th.

Sounding straight outta '93, Lavery hasn't titled this EP wrong. These tracks make clear Lavery's knowledge of the original jungle style, so it was only right to get him to sort us his top jungle tunes. He's not disappointed, with Remarc, Shy, & Zinc on the list you know it's all killer.

Remarc - Sound Murderer (Loafin' in Brockley Mix)

"The sample of 'Body Fusion' layered with a subtle 'Think Break' on the intro really works nicely and you think it's gonna be a nice soulful vibe, but incomes the soundclash sample 'Run me ah murder sound' followed by that amen pitched all over the place and you just can't stand still... Mad tune!!!"

Swift & Zinc - Anything Test

"Again, it's got that funky sample (Joanna Gardiner - Pick Up The Pieces) with a nice Think break rolling along happily, then mad amens tear up the track after a wicked soundclash vocal. Plus the bass line is pretty mental on this one!!"

Shy FX -Who Run Tings

"The break from 'Rappers Delight' is one of my favourites, David Boomah is my favourite vocalist and the bassline shakes the system like nothing else!!! Pure jungle badness."

Splash - Babylon

"Two reasons; firstly, this track smashed it when Grooverider first dropped the dubplate back in the day and still today when Andy C drops it at his all night sets! Secondly, I play on Cyndicut, and Daz has really pushed me and supported me to the point that I pretty much do this because of him. The man is a legend and I've gotta big him up. 'Babylon' can't be touched!"

Krome & Time - The License

"I love this tune. I get up for work every morning around 5am and as soon as I get in the car, I whack this on and I'm awake!!! I don't think I've ever played it out and not pulled it back. Instant wheel up tune."

Rude & Deadly - Mash Dem Down

"It's never left my box!!!"

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