FBI Confirms No Evidence That Trump Was Wiretapped

Tuesday 21st March 2017 | Christian

Just 60 days into his Presidency, Donald Trump faces yet another embarrassment. After tweeting accusations that Barack Obama had been wiretapping his headquarters, FBI Director James B. Comey has confirmed under oath that there was absolutely no truth to these claims.

Comey was testifying at the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence when he affirmed the complete lack of evidence for Trump’s charges. He said it would be impossible for a President to request such surveillance without going through numerous departments of government.

Trump had repeatedly been making claims of being wiretapped since 4th March, suggesting that evidence would be on the way – clearly it will never come.

It is very unusual for the Director of the FBI to testify against a sitting president. Trump’s ego will be even more damaged by the fact that he’s previously heaped praise on Comey, even once calling him out of the audience at an event at the White House to give him a hug.

Comey’s testimony also revealed that the FBI are investigating possible communication between Trump officials and associates in Russia, in the run up to the US election. Many believed the Russian government attempted to sabotage the election.

Meanwhile, Hilary Clinton supporters are left wondering why the FBI investigation into her email scandal was reopened, announced and then closed just 11 days before the election last November, while the investigation into Trump has only just been announced despite going on since last June.

Whatever happens, this certainly won’t be the last claim by Trump that will prove to be false.