L Side & Jam Thieves give the dirt on São Paulo

Drum and Bass | Tuesday 14th March 2017 | Arren

L Side & Jam Thieves tell us a little about their home city, São Paulo.

A huge city in the south-eastern region of Brazil. It ranked as the 12th biggest in the world, and has huge influence both nationally and internationally. The city is a melting pot of cultures, boasting the largest populations of Arab, Italian and Japanese people in Brazil. The city also plays host to a series of large events across the year including their annual Jazz Festival and the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Like all places, the city has huge issues - most notably the gap between the rich and poor. We spoke to residents, or paulistanos, L Side & Jam Thieves to shed some light on their homecity.

What's São Paulo it famous for?

L Side: Gray city, very lively. Despite the crime and the crisis in which the country lives, São Paulo is famous for parties, especially Baile Funk, great avenues, like Avenue Paulista, old buildings and favelas.

What's it's claim to fame?
L Side: The city does not sleep, if you want its possible find what to do at any time.

What's you're favourite thing about living there?
L Side: The weather, the nightlife and living close to friends and family.
Jam Thieves: We don't like to live here, but food in Brasil is very good...

Favourite place to hang out?
L Side: The centre, great galleries, record stores and clubs.
Jam Thieves: For us is a football pitch called the little farm, it's located in the shanty town that we live in.

What would you change about you city?
L Side:The poor education and security.
Jam Thieves: Education, politics, public health and the honesty of many people.

Three words would you use to describe the place?
L Side: Happy, humble and hopeful.
Jam Thieves: Insecurity, corruption and football.

Best place to party?
L Side: I have two favourites parties, the first one is DJ Marky's night at Lab Club. The second is a Hip-Hop party called "Sintonia" at DJ Club.
Jam Thieves: We like to go in a club called Milo garage because they play music that we like, hip hop, soul music and dub.

How's the way of life where you're at?
L Side: Good but Brazil is living a great political crisis, it's very hard to make money, missing jobs, could be better.
Jam Thieves: For the people living in poverty like us there is no quality of life.

What's makes this place different?
L Side: The people, inside the bad times they're always smiling. The musical culture, the good places to meet like the beach, old buildings and the diversity of ethnicities - there's people from all over the world!
Jam Thieves: For all that makes this place terrible we are lucky enough for not having terrorism or earthquakes or any other kind of natural disasters.

Weirdest tradition?
L Side: Hold sandwich with a tissue, eat pizza with fork and knife and eat avocado like fruit with sugar.
Jam Thieves: Here we eat rice and beans together.