Elissa Franceschi: Remember The Name !

Friday 5th July 2013 | Keshav

Being an artist without management and labels can be quite difficult especially in the modern era! Music companies tend to dominate the music that artists put out as artistic control drops. The music is mostly put out for sales and large groups of fans feel alienated that the artist is being led away from what they do best. Elissa Franceschi is one of those artists who has chosen to go it alone! Without the help of any management she has successfully launched her latest EP ‘Devoid of Rue’. We sat down with her to discuss being dubbed ‘one to watch’ by One Republics Ryan Tedder and her summer plans!

How did you get started off in music?

I've been involved in music since I was 11 years old when I started my first band at school and started recording my songs at my local youth centre.

Your EP was released on the 25 June! How’s the reaction been to that?

Absolutely fantastic, the songs are very personal so I didn't know how they would be received but I've had some amazing feedback, some great shows booked off the back of it and it's just been a wonderful time.

How important do you think social networking sites are for artists such as yourself?

Hugely important, paramount even. To engage with a fan base is the future of music, I don't think mysterious icons really exist anymore, people want to know what you had for lunch and what dye you put in your hair! And I don't have a problem with sharing aspects of my life outside of music, some things you keep private of course.

What new material have you got coming out?

'Devoid of Rue' came out one week ago! So nothing new planned, I'm taking a momentary pause then it's back to writing, I have a lot of new things to say and express which are so not around the typical subjects, so I'm excited by that.

You have no manager or label, do you think that works to your advantage?

Yes because I get full control, no because I want to delegate control...Okay, to be truthful about what is going on: People are often very surprised that I have never had management, I do everything by myself. I see people getting used to having stuff spoon fed to them but I know where every penny of my money goes, I pick the locations and the concepts for my videos, I co-design all my art-work, I sit in a room with an engineer from start to finish of a studio day, I work right alongside photographers, dance choreographers, make up artists, I research promoters, production teams at Radio stations, journalists, I choose the font for my T-shirts and the colours for my website layout, I mean seriously I will have a tricky time letting go of all that decision making when I do finally find the right management team to hand it over to, but I will relish the chance to focus soley on the MUSIC! 

Where would you like to see yourself in five years’ time?

I try not to plot out those things anymore. My hope is that wherever i am, I am still making music, and that myself & everyone I love is healthy and happy.

Ryan Tedder from ‘One Republic’ named you as one to watch! How did it feel receiving that type of praise? 

Shocking. I am a gigantic Ryan Tedder fan, I really look up to him as a Writer and Producer. I met him last month and it was a starstruck moment for sure, I basically gave him a load of my songs, he better not nick the hooks!

Always Attract and Salt were songs you did with Josh! Since those I’ve been a big fan! Do you have any plans to perform with your brother again?

Thank you so much! Yes no doubt Josh and I will collaborate on more material, I think we're probably due another duet next year... I'd love to tour with him- he would absolutely hate that, I think he just assumes I'd be annoying, he's probably right.

The You Me At Six lads have come a long from my hometown of Surrey! Brilliant to see them headlining Wembley .What do you think is there secret?

I know, it's been amazing to observe their stratospheric progress the last 6 years. Their secret? I'd say vigorous touring.

Did you watch Glasto this year? Safe to say the rolling stones put on a memorable show ! Would you like to perform at Glasto one day? 

Yes it was fantatsic, I watched the highlights from a hotel room in Ireland very drunk! Yeh of course Glasto is the dream of any artist and I'm such a fesitval girl, I love camping and drinking wine from a beaker.

What do you do to stay in touch with your fans?

I try my utmost to write back to every fan on facebook, twitter, tumblr, and my 'fanmail' email rocksandtears. They buy my records and give me a reason to continue the pursuit of this career so I give as much as I can.

What do you like to do with your down time?

What is this 'downtime' you speak of, I'm not sure I understand the question. HA! I used to be all about the downtime, then I realized I was wasting my life away, so now I don't really pause- when I do it involves great friends, great food, great music and great wine.

What’s on your Ipod at moment? 

The new one republic album, the allen stone album, some carrie underwood ( i love country) and some old school Incubus.

Any summer plans to escape the inevitable grim British weather!?

I've done pretty well so far, Corsica & Ireland done, and I'm off to LA for 2 weeks at the end of July to stay with the boys as they record their new album, I'm hoping to book some shows in Hollywood whilst I'm there and go to Universal Studios and Venice beach every day!

Elissa’s new EP ‘Devoid of Rue’  is out now on Itunes check out the link below !

Keshav Kapoor