Logan is a Must See This Weekend

Wednesday 8th March 2017 | Idrees

Logan is currently seeing huge success in the box office, as well as achieving the fourth highest box office for a R rated movie of all time. But is the movie worth the hype?

Short answer. Yes.

Logan is the perfect send off for Hugh Jackman as he retires from playing the mutant character.

Whilst Hugh Jackman has been the perfect actor for Wolverine, unfortunately the series has been lacklustre so far. So, with Hugh Jackman saying goodbye, one question that was on my mind since the news broke was, are we going to finally get a good Wolverine movie which portrays the character best.

My questions were immediately answered at the opening sequence of the movie, as I literally said to myself “that’s Wolverine.” That set the tone for the whole movie.

With saying that, this movie is the best of both worlds, as whilst a great, perfect Wolverine movie, it is also a great movie in general.

That is one thing that stood out to me, the movie was a movie first and superhero movie second as it deviates from the genre, standing alone from the common superhero movies today.

This can be seen as a risky move to some as superhero movies are certainly something that works and a genre that is extremely popular. So, this movie had to be right, and it succeeded in doing so.

I believe this is a movie that can be enjoyed by casual viewers as well as diehard fans. It takes you on a journey with these characters to where we can feel their pain, and that is something that can resonate with every fan.

Whilst at the same time, I feel the movie respects the audience and doesn’t talk down to us. It tells us the information we need to know, letting us figure out the rest for ourselves. Very commonly, movies tend to over explain scenarios but to me, Logan did it perfectly.

Hugh Jackman proves why he is and always will be the perfect Wolverine with easily his best performance as the character. And that’s saying something. Jackman really personified the agony that Logan had endured throughout the years in the movie, with Logan being set in 2029, we didn’t need to see any clips from the past to understand how tough times are for him now.  

Jackman personifies the rage, anger, anguish and slight humanity which burdens Logan.

This was followed with an impactful performance by Patrick Stewart, where once again, I feel this was his best portrayal of Charles Xavier. Stewart really needed to present the vulnerability and fragility of Charles Xavier, as now the character is old and weary. And he excelled in doing so.

It would be hard to say who had the better performance between Jackman and Stewart, but the movie needed both actor’s performance to hold up, and they excelled.

Some even say Hugh Jackman should even be up for Oscar nomination, whilst I would love to see it happen and I would agree with his performance being strong, I don’t see it happening. With a big part being the movie has been released in March so I question if the movie will hold up come Oscar time, which I would love to happen.

Another important performance, perhaps more important than both actors, was Dafne Keen. This was her introduction to the big screen and this performance holds. It’s common for child actors to be the weakest part of the movie, and her performance needed to be believable. With a huge amount of pressure on her, she came through as the audience fell in love with her.

She displayed her pain and her ambiguity in a new world. She needed to be believable and she was.

Lastly, the directors and every one behind the scenes did a great job, displaying a gritty tone which fit the movie immensely. This would not have worked without the R rating, and the direction was seemingly up to par as we saw a world which immersed you.

Logan is definitely a must see as I believe there is something in here for everyone. It may not be a perfect movie, but it definitely resonates with you and is the perfect send off for Hugh Jackman.