Lords Reject Brexit Bill Once More

Wednesday 8th March 2017 | Christian

For a second time, the House of Lords have rejected Theresa May’s Brexit Bill. The government can only trigger Article 50 and begin Brexit once this bill has been passed.

The House of Commons, made up of the MPs that the public elect every few years, has once again been delayed by the House of Lords, made up of unelected peers who are members for life.

For a bill to be made law, it has to be approved by the House of Commons, then approved by the House of Lords, and then finally given Royal Assent by the Queen. The Queen has to sign every law given to her, but the House of Lords can reject bills and send them back to the House of Commons with amendments.

The Houses of Commons are expected to reject the changes made to the Brexit Bill and send it back to the House of Lords a third time.

Regardless of what you think about Brexit, it is unbelievable that in our modern world our elected politicians can be stopped by a group of people nobody elected.

The House of Lords includes hereditary peers who get to be there just because their father was, and people who’ve been rewarded a peerage for bringing in money into the UK economy like musical composer Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Why should someone get to vote on our laws just because they wrote Phantom of the Opera?!

Most ridiculously, The House of Lords also includes 26 Bishops from different Christian churches. The UK is the only government in the Western world which gives religious representatives an automatic right to vote on law.

If anything good comes out of this legal battle, it might be to show what an ancient, unnecessary mess the House of Lords is, and finally give us a reason to get rid of them.