You Can’t Stop Alkaline's New Tune - 'Fast'

Reggae | Wednesday 8th March 2017 | Tali

Jamaican dancehall and reggae artist Alkaline has released upbeat, reggae track Fast that portrays the artist’s success and the lively lifestyle that he lives.

Alkaline, who began producing his own records at the age of 16, continues to create music that acknowledges different Jamaican genres, and he has released another triumphant release, which only adds to his energetic and vibrant style.

Destined to be spun at clubs, Fast is a banger that has all the rhythms of a classic dancehall track with an obvious reggae influence and displays Alkaline’s ability to spit his fast lyrics over punchy beats.

Brazen and celebratory, the track recognises his hard work and artistry, and is in line with his achievements, like his debut album New Level Unlocked reaching the top the Billboard Reggae Albums Chart in April 2016.