The Female DJs killing it on the Resistance stage at Miami Ultra

House | Wednesday 8th March 2017 | Serena

Now anyone who makes music and has a dream will know just how hard it is to break to industry, now imagine being female and doing so. Not only are you not taken seriously,  female DJs often do not get the same support system that the males do.


Often seen as a novelty, lady DJs are expected to turn pop any minute and are also expected to have a short shelf life to run off and have kids or something (never stopped any male). Well there are hard hitting, long life rave to the grave women who shoot out show after show and are certainly staple people in the dance community. With Ultra coming up we decided to celebrate the female performers who broke the internet without taking their clothes off.

I’ll take it with a pinch of salt that none of the 5 female acts are on the mainstage but I won’t mind seeing as Resistance at Ultra is now practically its own festival. Since 2015 Miami ultra has adopted Bristol born Arcadia Spectacular for its Resistance stage and this year sees the biggest line up yet. Anyone who has been to Glastonbury will know the utter showmanship that Arcadia takes pride in so I am over the moon that these fire females get to play in the belly of the beast.





This Badass Beat Machine is an incredible tastemaker when it comes to mixing new and old underground music. Born in Brazil and now based in Barcelona, Anna gives you the best of international dance on a plate. Every beat is hard hitting yet incredibly sexy as Anna wows audiences from Ibiza, London and indeed Miami.



Canadian born now London based popular radio play DJ B.traits has been in the game for over 10 years now. Achieving a status that not shared by many women in the scene. Working with mentor Annie Mac for the BBC show ‘In New DJ’s We Trust’ B.traits kept her ear close to the ground and the melting pot of sounds in London can be heard in all her mixes. An advocate for drug education B.traits is an asset to the entire dance community.





This back to back duo will catch you by surprise, never be fooled by a ladies look! Since breaking onto the scene in 2012, Eli & Fur have been perfecting a sound built around infectious, electronic melodies and seductive vocal lines that have been hypnotizing dance floors from London to Los Angeles. Their production techniques are as on point as ever; drawing from anything House, with an obsession for old school Chicago and touches of Detroit Techno mixed with influences of RnB, Garage and Drum and Bass.




Maya engineers, writes, produces and mixes all of her original tracks on own her own; often also playing instruments from keys through to guitars on her tracks, adding vocals where appropriate and sometimes even doing the artwork for the release as well! With several DJ award under her belt and reams of recognition from the most prominent DJ circles, Maya Jane Cole is a cornerstone of dance, regardless of her gender. This woman is Talented AF and her presence in the dance scene is a testament to her skills, strength and talent. We adore you Maya!




Josefin Rosen is a DJ/producer based in Stockholm. She spent her early years DJing the London club circuit, finding her true love for tech house and techno within the city’s vibrant scene. Her versatile and well crafted sets have since taken her to every corner of the globe, with landmark appearances in Asia and Africa adding global repertoire to her renowned knack for expertly crafted sets.


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