Casey: An Interview With Scotland's Newest Stars

Friday 5th July 2013 | Keshav

It seems as though Scotland has a knack of producing the best music in the UK ! In the past few years a flurry of bands has emerged all with a unique sound ready to take on the mainstream. Guestlist were lucky enough to meet up with the latest stars to come out of Glasgow. Casey are a four piece band formed in Glasgow, currently thriving with energetic and well written hits. With powerful melodies these boys are certainly onto a winner. It’s clear they are serious about music but also up for a bit of a laugh! Singles such as ‘Hurt’ and ‘When Your Around’ are oozing modern day pop punk/rock and certainly make for great listening. With bands such as The Script, Lawson and You Me At Six gaining commercial success it’s no doubt that sooner or later these lads will be packing out arenas and playing sold out shows all over the UK! Watch this space........   

For people who haven't heard of you tell us a bit about yourselves?

We are 4 mates making music from our loft, playing a traditional guitar driven sound, layered with electronics and samples. In short, we are suckers for a modern love song.

Who are your main musical influences? 

We're influenced by so many bands, mostly a mix of Young Guns and You Me at Six meets The Script

How did you guys start out ?

Gary (Vocals) and I (Ryan, Drums) have played in numerous bands together since we were 14, but for the last 4 years we've worked together producing Gary's solo work. We wanted to try something new, so we called in another old school friend, Greg, to play bass. We advertised locally for a guitarist, and found teenage Dan, who has slotted in nicely to complete the line up. We record our drum tracks in our friend's studio (James Mckenzie, Sound Shape Studio) then we take the files to Gary's loft to produce the full track by ourselves. We toyed with the idea of recruiting a keyboard player, but we have set up our electronics to be sampled live.

If you had to who would you compare yourselves to in the charts at the moment? 

Lawson and The Script.

You guys must have watched glasto over the weekend, who was your favorite performer ? 

Gary: Arctic Monkeys
Ryan: Ben Howard
Greg: Rolling Stones
Dan: Arctic Monkeys

Would you like to one day play the festival?

We would love to play at glasto next time round!

Tell us about your plans for the rest of 2013 and early 2014?

For the rest of 2013, we are focusing on pushing our first tracks and videos out to as many people as possible, and for next year we plan to spend a week away recording an official debut ep.

How important do you think social media such as facebook and twitter are to up and coming bands? 

Very important, it is now so easy, and so cheap to gain exposure from people all over the world. without needing investments from labels and publishers. It’s also great to gain instant feedback, we can post a sample of a new track and gauge interest, before spending time and money in the studio! It’s also great for a nosey #discopants . We are on Facebook, Twitter, youtube and Instagram with the screen name CASEYOFFICIALUK.

Any tour plans at the moment?
Not at the moment, we will be focusing on our home city of Glasgow, but with strong intentions to play all over the uk, as soon as possible, unless there is any immediate offers out there!


Check out the bands facebook page below for future updates !

Keshav Kapoor