Gorillaz announce first live performance since 2012

Indie | Monday 6th March 2017 | Ben

English Trip-hop band Gorillaz have made waves throughout their career but will the luke warm reception of Hallelujah Money put people off them altogether?


English trip-hop band Gorillaz have announced their first show since 2012. The band will play at their own one-day festival aptly named Demon Dayz. The one-day long festival will take place on 10th June at the dreamland amusement park.


The people attending will have access to free rides and the Festival will be broadcast live through Red-Bull T.V.


More information has yet to be announced however I’m hoping that it’ll be a celebration of the Gorillaz album of the same name, but it’s seems extremely unlikely given the disappointing lead single of their new album.


Hallelujah Money was a far-cry from the great singles released from Demon Dayz. But maybe I’m being very cynical because I hope the new record will be as great as we’re all hoping, however I am feeling personally disappointed with Plastic Beach, so I have my doubts.