Red wine, vocal hooks and erm… wetting the bed? Introducing Only Sun

Indie | Thursday 2nd March 2017 |

 ‘Only Sun’ are an exciting new quintet from High Wycombe. The band consists of Euan Bryden, Ed Miguens, Daz McManus, Taylor Lacey and Aabid Kanji all with dreams to make music that replicates them.  With a combination of incredibly infectious indie-pop and fun loving attitudes, they are drastically gaining in popularity as they start their mini tour.

I got the chance to catch up with them ahead of their gig at ‘The Wedgewood Rooms’ in Portsmouth.

So guys, could you start by telling me how you came up with the band name?

When it came to choosing “Only Sun”, we were sitting around a table munching on some cheese and crackers when we settled on the fantastic name “Yung Brie” which to us was the best name in the world. After three weeks our parents finally intervened saying ‘You have to be taken seriously’. We then arrived at the name “Only Sun” like ‘the only sun in the sky’ representing our originality.

And original you are! Did you all know each other before forming the band?

Well a few of us went to school together and the rest we matched on tinder, it was love at first sight I’m sure.

What has been one of your funniest moments as a group?

First time we went on the road we played a gig in Canterbury, all 6 of us shared a room. I (Taylor) woke up in the middle of the night thinking it was raining as I could hear water. I got up to look and it was Euan just weeing next to his bunkbed.  The worst part is he saw me and didn’t stop… Oh we do have some strange times.

I am guessing there was a bit of drinking involved in this?

Ha ha, yes, a lot of it – we were Portsmouth university students, our best ideas come from the pub.

So your new single, ‘Long distance’, came out last month, how was it filming the video?

Cold, no running water and there was mud everywhere!  Oh, but we had wine, a lot of red wine, and after half an hour none of the footage was useable … JOKE.  It was the best experience, minus the eating of paint, and we love how the video has turned out. We are so happy with the comments we have received about it.

You started the band last year, have you always wanted to be singers?

When Taylor joined the band he was actually in the process of doing his teacher training and then he realised we are a lot more fun. We ended up being up until 4 in the morning convincing Euan we were going to start a band, he was on the fence at first but came around.

Is there anything you want your fans to know about you?

We are releasing an EP on the 3rd March which we are really proud of. I mean, I’ve listened to it twice today (Ed). We also have the EP release show on the 3rd March in Block Bar in London. We have the Alternative Escape on the 18th May and hopefully loads of festivals. New stuff has also been written so we will be going back to the studio soon, so stay tuned!

 And finally the deal breaker, what is your ultimate shower song?

(All members of the band turned to Aabid) Shake it off – Taylor Swift, hands down.