Ed Rush & Audio killing it with Killbox

Drum and Bass | Tuesday 28th February 2017 | Arren

Killbox is a new name that'll tear things apart.

Though the name Killbox is new, those behind are far from it. A collaboration between Audio and Ed Rush, these two have kick-started a powerful new project that's set to cause chaos.

Both have worked alongside each other for years, with Audio behind a sizeable chuck of Ed Rush's co-run Virus imprint's discography. Finally the pair have decided to sit down and bring their experience together for their new project, Killbox.

Ed Rush alongside his long term partner, Optical bucked all the trends in the scene when first arriving. The duo opened a new order, crafted a new sound - taking jungle into the dark side and building the foundations of the brooding tech step style.

Audio championed this new sound and worked closely with the Virus camp for many years. His unadulterated take on the sound has been setting off the clubs and raves since day one. Throughout his career he's dropped 5 albums, countless 12"s and been behind the decks at some of the biggest events across the world.

It's fair to say the pair have left their mark on drum & bass, but that's not stopping them just yet. 

They've kicked off already this month, with their debut EP on Ram. It's the introduction EP of all introduction EPs, showcasing exactly what Killbox are all about. And that is fast breaks, mean bass with a respect for the past but is in no way afraid of the future.

You can hear the tracks below and follow the link to bag yourself a copy.

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