Magic from Maya Jane Coles & co at Printworks

House | Saturday 25th February 2017 | Annalisa

A Wintery evening in February, we headed down to Printworks to catch the vibe with Maya Jane Coles & Friends. The newly opened venue in Canada water is an immense space with rooms across spanning different levels. The main room is a dream, lasers, lights and vibe as close to Berlin super clubs as we've seen and the crowd was vibing from early.

Photography by Justine Trickett

The night billed as a showcase of some of the UK's top producers was just that. The host of artistic talent pushed genres and worked the crowd perfectly. Maya Jane Coles, of course, smashed it. Well in control, she put on a set that only she could. Daniel Avery followed up with a a set of sick vibes from start to finish. 

Closing out the night was Alan Fitzpatrick, mixing some old school flavour with big pumping beats. As the last tune played out, the crowd were most certainly ready for more.

Printworks have upped the ante with the space and it's great to see such a good venue open in London in a time when even the cities most famous have been under threat. We look forward to seeing what they have in store.

Photography by Justine Trickett