York, the place to be

Other | Tuesday 21st February 2017 | Jenny Desborough

To the hardcore Londoner, it may seem a bit strange to suggest that York is the place to be this summer. But, hear me out.

York is one of the UK's most historic cities but don't let that fool you. I mean, have you ever heard of a walled city. Well York is surrounded by huge walls built back in the Roman times. You can take a walk around these walls and it's definitely worth it for the Instagramable countryside views. #Nofilterneeded.

Then there's the bars and clubs. Believe it or not, a beautiful town rich with history is also home to over 300 pubs. Which is almost one for every day of the year!.

Lendal Cellars is definitely worth a visit, set in a brick lined cellar, it is the heart of the city.

If that's not your thing, head to The Evil Eye for incredible cocktails and delicious food (and, rumour has it, it's Johnny Depp's favourite bar in the U.K, just saying.)

Then they have clubs of all kinds, Revelation, Salvation, Kuda and Flares, perfect for those who fancy donning some retro gear for a right good boogie. 

But for those who aren't as nocturnal York has some of the best shops, including the Chinese Laundry, which specialises in glorious vintage for men and women, all at affordable prices.

Then you can pop to any of the huge number of restaurants littered all over the city, such as Betty’s tearoom for a very civilised afternoon tea. York is also home to countryside villages such as Ilkley, Haworth (home to the Bronte sisters) or Whitby for some beachside antics.

However if you are feeling even more adventurous you can take a 20 minute train to Leeds, one of the largest and most thriving cities in the north.

All in all, York is the place to be. FACT.