Goldie shares new track & announces new album The Journey Man

Drum and Bass | Saturday 18th February 2017 | Arren

The drum & bass icon is set to make big moves in 2017.

Goldie is soon to drop a new album. Coming this June on his Metalheadz imprint, Goldie's latest LP, The Journey Man will be his first solo album since 2008's Sine Tempus. The Soundtrack.

The drum & bass pioneer announced the news in a Facebook post, where he explained that the "concept came together over a five year period, with a further two years mapping it out on various drawings."

The album has 16 tracks with a host of collabs and vocal contributions, including a special from Goldie's wife; Mike Wassenaar Price. With the album announcement he also shared the first track from the project, a track called 'I Adore You' with Ulterior Motive. Hear the track below and pre-order the album now, no doubt it'll be THE drum & bass album of 2017.

The Journey Man tracklist

1. Horizons
2. Prism
3. Mountains
4. Castaway
5. The Mirrored River
6. I Adore You - Goldie vs. Ulterior Motive
7. I Think Of You
8. Truth
9. Redemption
10. Tu Viens Avec Moi?
11. The Ballad Celeste
12. This Is Not A Love Song
13. The River Mirrored
14. Triangle
15. Tomorrow's Not Today
16. Run Run Run

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