Reggae Album of the Month: Kelissa - Spellbound

Reggae | Friday 17th February 2017 | Tali

As a voice to take note of in the modern reggae scene, Kelissa creates soft and tranquil music with a roots influence in her latest release Spellbound.

Singing about love, womanhood and self-awareness, Kelissa has a spiritual approach to making music. This has been impacted by the reggae and Rastafarian culture that she was surrounded by from an early age.

Experiencing music throughout her childhood, Kelissa’s parents were lead vocalists in the reggae band ‘Chakula’ eventually inspiring her to explore her own vocal range and musical abilities.

Travelling throughout Africa and living in Tanzania, Ethiopia and Ghana, Kelissa was able to expand on her music and cultural influences. By teaching herself how to play the guitar and collaborating with several musicians and producers whilst out there.

She also performed at numerous events around Africa, where she released her first EP, Rebel in Disguise, a soft dub project with conscious lyrics. Kelissa also lived in California where she studied Liberal Arts and involved herself with the music and arts scene, becoming a member of several music groups.  

Returning to her place of birth Jamaica, Kelissa performed at reggae festivals Rebel Salute and Sumfest as well as the Irie FM road tour and the 20th anniversary of the Smile Jamaica concert.

Her most recent project Spellbound, a joint production between Natural High Music and her own label ‘Anbessa,’ is full of affirmative and mesmerising songs, and enchanting interludes establishing her title as an important new reggae artist.