Be You, Be Unique

Other | Monday 13th February 2017 | Annoush

The ever-growing world of fast fashion is slowing dissolving what it is to dress in a truly unique style.

Remember when entire subcultures were formed from people dressing in leather and studs or a drape jacket and creepers? Today the world of clothing has become fairly homogenous, with high street shops all selling variations of the same thing! It’s about time we asked ourselves what happened to owning something unique for years rather than months?

It’s time we started to raid our parent’s wardrobes, rummage around in charity shops and go to more fill-a-bag sales. Think about it, isn’t it so much better when someone compliments you on an outfit and you can say “oh this is my mums, I got this from a charity shop.”

Instead of “oh this is from Primark”. A majority of my clothing is second/third hand, either from a charity shop or a vintage sale or my family. Which means that I have a lot of one-of-a-kind pieces that make me feel more emotionally invested and connected to my clothing. As well as having plenty of refreshingly diverse outfits.  

By forming memories and stories through clothing we can limit the quantity of fast fashion and stop buying from unethical clothing brands. Together we can start to reuse, borrow and buy second hand clothing.