Beached Whale Has Around Thirty Plastic Bags Inside Its Stomach

Saturday 4th February 2017 | David

It's as much their world as it is ours. Animals have just as much of a claim to inhabit this planet as humans, so seeing how we've destroyed both their homes and their lives can be sickening.

A beached cuvier's beaked whale was found on the Norwegian island of Sotra, west of Bergen this week. Due to its incredibly poor condition, it had to be killed, and when zoologists conducted an autopsy, they were horrified to discover no fewer than around thirty plastic bags inside the creature's stomach. 
On average, a plastic bag takes around five-hundred years to biodegrade if at all. So if you're thinking of chucking that bag your sandwich came in into the bushes, keep in mind that it will stay there for a very, very long time. Sorry for posting the graphic image below of the inside of the whale's stomach, but we need to realise the severity of our actions. So next time you think about discarding your litter in anything other than a bin, think about the image below.
In addition to the problems posed by the littering on non-biodegradable materials, the natural world is also facing another dangerous threat. The most powerful man in the world has called climate change a hoax created by the Chinese, so Trump's environmental policies are set to be complete disasters. Climate scientists have been frantically copying and backing up years of research and data in fear that Trump will order it all to be destroyed, which is yet another reason for Americans to vote him out of office. 
So let the fate of this whale be a warning to us humans that it's up to us to look after the world, or else the magnificent creatures that we share it with will disappear.