Your next summer holiday destination... Bulgaria.

Other | Friday 27th January 2017 | Terje

In the remote area of Bulgaria lies the eye blindingly beautiful Rhodoes Mountains. About a five hour journey away from the capital Sofia.

Meadows in the Mountains (MITM) is a wonderful hippy haven for people who are tired of festivals within the big city lights, brainless rushing about and smoggy air. In Rhodopes Mountains you will be astonished by the wildlife and the raw culture that awaits you. Join the beautiful people on the 9th of June to 11th of June.

As MITM say themselves, they are not about the classic big name line ups. The artists are chosen so you could escape from reality and to make the whole atmosphere to be complete.

As for the music you can look forward to everything from folk and soul and when the sun hits the horizon be ready for house and techno beats to conquer the mountains. Past performers have included Quantic, Bruno Schmidt, Dead Echo and others.

Meadows in the Mountains is also a big advocate for green and sustainable living. From compostable toilets to a no plastic cups policy. Guests are urged to bring their own ashtrays and cups and are asked not to leave behind any rubbish as they want to leave Rhodopes Mountains the way it looked when they got there.

How does this sound for you?

If this is something you’d like to be part of you can buy tickets from their website. Three day tickets are currently £100, also you have to pay your way to get to Bulgaria and for your accommodation, which you can also do via their website, but you can't put a price on having the time of your life!

MITM also has many different opportunities for artists to show their work. You can apply to put down your art installation or even set up a little workshop within the festival. As usual there are a lot of volunteering opportunities available – what an experience!


Meadows in the Mountains 2015 from Gallivant Film on Vimeo.