Erol Alkan still keeps the kids dancing

Other | Wednesday 18th January 2017 | Harriet

The unofficial manifesto of Trash was: ‘If we loved something, we’d play it’.

Erol’s indie club night that ran from 97 till 07 was a celebration of alternative culture, a “genre smashing sweatbox” and where the London based artist made his mark on the world of electronic music. Trash’s ethos still influences Erol’s experimental sets today: he brings well-known records from MGMT, The Scissor Sisters and New Order to the dancefloor in revolutionary ways. He smashes boundaries between genres, mixing techno with vintage disco, and sometimes even layering his tracks with rock and pop.

His eclectic record collection and his ability to manoeuvre around multiple genres is testament to his expansive musical palette. As well as nurturing his protege, Daniel Avery with his Phantasy label, Erol has collaborated with Richard Norris for a psychedelic disco project Beyond the Wizards Sleeve.

Erol’s boundless freedom to experiment and fearlessly excite and surprise his audience obliterates pre-conceived ideas concerning electronic music. He urges people to engage with music in a different way, and to ultimately keep kids dancing.

Erol Alkan
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