Trends that shouldn't creep their way into 2017

Other | Monday 16th January 2017 | Simran

With a lot of fashion resurfacing from the 80s, there are a few style ideas that you may want to rethink -


From looking at New York Fashion Week 2016, it seems as if electrical neon colours are popping their way back into anything possible, from sleeves to complete street wear. I am sorry, but why would you want to look equivalent to a high-visibility vest.

The worst thing about this refurbished trend, has got to be the new use of clashing colours. Also, it's a well known fact that stripes add on pounds that may not be there, so why would you want to wear something which isn't even really aesthetically appealing and do that to yourself? 


If you want to shine bright like a diamond then absolutely go for the robot like metallic style range. The most alarming thing I have come across, has got to be the metallic range of slip on shoes. It should glare at you saying no right away from the shop shelf. 


Excessively Distressed Denim

I am all for a few rips in my jeans but this trend is just getting taken way too far. Do you want to look chic or arrive to a gathering then look like a dog has just attacked your clothing. 

Bold Earrings

This one should be self explanatory however it seems as if there is a push for bold earrings in 2017. We started off with statement rings and necklaces which definitely work, but now it seems that we have moved on to wearing chandeliers on our ears. 

To sum it all up; there is no reason to why you cannot wear whatever you like, but maybe just think twice if you don't want to look like a traffic cone.