When Boiler Room went to Bali..

Other | Thursday 12th January 2017 |

The invite arrives and my stomach excitedly turns. It’s the same feeling I get for every Boiler Room I’ve been to. This is different though. 

I’m in Bali and Potato Head are hosting the very first Boiler Room not only in Bali, but in Indonesia!

I can’t help wondering if it will be anything like my last BR outing. That affair was Ray-Ban x Boiler Room 017 presents Kerri Chandler at London’s Oval Space. On that occasion, I waited nervously outside in the hectic queue with several thousand other fans not sure if we would get in even though we arrived 3 hours earlier. I was lucky, I did get in and that night left a lasting memory of delight, relief, smugness and a ghastly hangover.

3E8A2805Getting into Boiler Room Bali was a very civil affair on the contrary. Upon entry, the elegant Potato Head looks like an architectural impossibility as a circular construction made up of what looks like wooden house tents, sits precariously balanced on top of each other. It takes me aback and I can’t help but stare in wonder. 

Walking down the path into the large central grass area, I notice the huge stage directly overlooking a pool! Yep, thats right, the front line for this gig is an infinity pool and I instantly regret not bringing my swimsuit!

The backdrop to the stage is a beach and the lasts wisps of a crimson sunset which utimately means I've missed DJ Legend Jose Padilla's sunset set (darn you festive traffic!) I soldier on and head though the young hip crowd to one of the many bars dotted around the well thought out resort design.


Two cocktails down and at last the band of Crazy P take to the stage to rapturous applause. 

What follows is one and a half hours of pure deliciousness. 

New and old hits keep rolling and we keep dancing in humid Bali heat. Lead singer of Crazy P Danielle Moore keeps dancing too(effortlessly, eloquently and in a class of her own). She controls the stage with an energy that quite frankly, I’m jealous of.. I can't believe Stop, Space, Return classics still sound this good! It’s just how I envisioned it really, EPIC!


The time flies by and we finish whooping and oohing as Crazy P takes a bow and wishes us goodbye.

Fortunately, this boiler room offering has a lot more to offer from funky Dj's Daniele Baldelli and Young Marco. Both offer up an eclectic mix of dirty electronic beats, and mixes influenced by dub, pop, jazz and hip hop. Even our lost legends, Bowie, Prince and George Michael all get a nod and the crowd are pleased. 

3E8A3045Boiler Room Bali left me with the same feeling I get when I’ve finished a good plate of food; Content. I will no doubt be a frequent visitor to Potato Head as good things happen there! 

Tomorrow, I can look forward to a lasting memory of delight, relief, smugness and a ghastly hangover.