Rumpus pits fluff against filth

Other | Wednesday 11th January 2017 | Cristina

The huge London party Rumpus have released tickets for the upcoming party, which will take place on February 3. Rumpus is famous for their holistic approach to partying – ‘We think partying is about more than cramming people onto a dancefloor and playing music at them’ is what they say on the matter. With live bands, world-renowned DJs, shows, off-stage performances, art and visuals, Rumpus theme their events cleverly, with the latest being ‘Fluff vs. Filth’.

Rumpus make the following dress code suggestions: Scandal Monger, Dirty Rotten Bastard, Silky Slut, Princess Powder-puff, Soft Slattern, Pillow Pixie, Airy Fairy Fluffy-toes, Squalid Squire, Soiled Siren, Downy Delight, Filthy Flesh-pot, Snuggle-Buggle Bear, Dust bunny, Velvety vixen,

Grab your tickets here.