Introducing: Morts & More

Other | Wednesday 21st December 2016 | Annalisa

Morts & More are a brand dedicated to bringing a fresh & energetic tailoring experience to a new market. 

There is no bigger confidence boost than looking sharp and everyone needs a great suit. But an ill fitting suit, no matter the quality, won’t look good. All Morts & More’s pieces are bespoke and tailored to your measurements for a fantastic fitting look and a style you can create yourself.

Their goals is to get as close to a true bespoke suit experience outside of Savile Row. Compared to their competitors, they offer more options in cut, fabric and finish but at a fraction of the cost oopening up a high end experience to everyone. Their service is a full range so you can create custom made shirts and a range of overcoats deisgned with the fashion conscious professional in mind.

More information and to book yourself a consultation visit the Morts & More website