Airbnb fight discrimination

Other | Monday 19th December 2016 | Cristina

Earlier this year, Airbnb launched a campaign to fight against discrimination in the Airbnb community. As an end of this effort, Airbnb asked all its customers to agree with a Community Commitment which asks Airbnb uses to “ commit to treat everyone—regardless of race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, disability, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation or age—with respect, and without judgement or bias.”

Users who don’t accept this new standard will no longer be able to host or book using the site and will be given the option to cancel the account. If they choose to cancel their account, all future trips will be cancelled so say bye bye to that holiday.

Responses from users were varied, including the following:

‘Lordy guys, relax.’

‘I really don't understand why you see confirming your commitment to not discriminating as 'insulting or absurd' or feel it is pushing you into a corner. You can still continue to decline those who don't meet your house rules, who want to book when they don't fit your listing requirements or who make you feel unsafe.’

‘I would really like to know, why do you feel signing up to not discriminating will in any way change the way in which you do business?’

‘Personally (and I am not BNB's biggest fan by any means), I welcome their stance.'

 ‘I recently received an email from you asking (but really kind of insisting) that I sign up to your new community commitment. Or I will not be able to continue to use your service. This is obviously your right - and you are free to run your business how you see fit. But I think it is a mistake and maybe even an intrusion into an area that AirBNB would be best advised not to venture.’

‘The majority of hosts are decent people who open up their homes without discrimination and welcome people of all races, religions, sexualities and regardless of whether someone has a disability (accommodation allowing). A small minority as have been evidenced on this and other forums and through their actions as hosts and guests will discriminate. Those, hopefully, will think twice before staying on BNB if they are asked to signed up to a non-discriminatory policy. You have said you don't and wouldn't discriminate - so what's the big deal? -  BNB are only asking you to sign up to say you agree not to discriminate...which you aren't doing anyway :)’