Work harder to enjoy life more

Other | Sunday 11th December 2016 | Osh

It’s an age old question, should you work harder or enjoy life more?

Everyone knows success takes a whole lot of hard work but how do you align that with enjoying every day and making the most of the social or none work related opportunities offered to you? Rather than asking which you should do, it’s better to focus how on doing both. Here are three reasons why.

Money gives you a certain amount of freedom

Money is not the be all and end all of happiness. In fact, often it can have the opposite effect but it does allow you to do a lot of the things you dream of. Say you dream of owning a property, or building a venue or feeding thousands of people, you will need a certain foundation to make these dreams a reality. Unless of course, you come from a wealthy background or stumble across an investor in a coffee shop, it’s best to start building yourself.

You’ll enjoy the rewards even more

There’s a moment for everyone when they have everything working perfectly. They are working the ideal amount, enjoying what they’re doing so they’re getting loads done and make time to do the things they really love. Working hard to get to do things in your free time gives you a higher level of satisfaction because you know that you earnt it. Whether it’s an extra holiday or an extra lunch break

Balance is the key

Life would be boring if you continuously did the same thing. Balance is the key. Plan your day, keep it varied and you’ll get more done and never regret an hour of the time you spent. The best thing about working hard is, you will understand your own value and can value both your work and spare time.