It's a 'New Day' for Xavier Eleven

House | Wednesday 7th December 2016 |

Xavier Eleven is the new project from Dean Johnson, previously one half of hit making production duo Attaca Pesante. A multi-talented instrumentalist as well as producer, he is back in the studio producing fresh material after an inspiring hiatus exploring Asia.

His Nothing Else Matters debut 'New Day', featuring the vocals of Laura Elle Rose, evokes the feeling of old school Katy B. We caught up with the producer to chat about his journey.

Talk us through your new track ‘New Day’. What kind of vibe were you aiming to create? How did you come about working with Laura Elle Rose?

I wanted to create a vibe, a track that encouraged people to move and have a good time, but at the same time, encourage them to do exactly what they want to do in life and walk away from anything that’s hindering them.

Laura and I went to the same high school in Croydon. She’s a couple years below me. My friend was always telling me how great her voice is and I should work with her, so that’s how it all came about.

How do you feel about the recent resurgence of UK funky in 2016?

Im happy. UK funky has such a fun, positive vibe - the music of the summer.  I believe those sounds brought so much joy to so many people.

Why did you decide to quit Attacca Pesante and start your Xavier Eleven project?

I haven't quit Attacca Pesante, I never will. Zack and I have just been working on other things. AP will be back making music in time. I started Xavier Eleven because Zack wasn't ready to move forward with Attacca Pesante yet, but AP wouldn't be right with just myself. Our different musical backgrounds complimented Attacca Pesante.

Your bio mentions your time travelling in Asia. What experiences there influenced you to start producing again?

I was in Asia for 3 months listening to different sounds and experiencing freedom. In Asia I was doing exactly what i wanted to do for 3 months. I wanted to continue doing exactly what I want when I touched down on British soil, and thats making music, so I am.  

What’s next for Xavier Eleven?

I’m currently working on new music with very talented artists. I’m trying to create that splendid musical experience for the people.