Hannah Diamond says hi

RnB/Hip Hop | Monday 5th December 2016 | Cristina

Hannah Diamond might be the most famous member of future pop record label PC Music, providing vocals for many of the label’s biggest hits - A. G. Cook’s Keri Baby amongst them. When it comes to pop, she’s the full package, but the content of her music differs to most British or American pop.

Her lyrics are lovelorn and simple, like much pop music, but they’re more accessible than Rihanna’s or Beyoncé’s. They lack constant references to extreme wealth and glorifications of slightly unrealistic hedonism, instead focusing on mundane details of what could be anyone's life, like texting and social media. Her sound is slightly off-kilter in the same way, making her less radio-friendly, somehow more powerful, and far more interesting.

She says ‘hi’ in her latest release.