Aerosoul x Hospital recs: The anniversary tee

Drum and Bass | Friday 2nd December 2016 | Annalisa

Calling all junglists! It’s the 20th anniversary of the Junglist Movement Design. 

Famously immortalised in the cult classic 90’s movie ‘Human Traffic’, this tshirt has become an institution in the world of DnB. In terms of both design and message, Aerosoul’s ‘Junglist Movement’ Tees have become iconic since they first appeared On The Film over 2 decades ago.

The popularity of these tees has never waned, earning their distinct design a status as an enduring and timeless fashion statement. To celebrate the 20 year landmark, Hospital Records have teamed up officially with Aerosoul Limited to bring you a new twist on this classic graphic.

The tshirt is available exclusively on the Hospital Records site