Three reasons Iceland is your next destination

Other | Monday 21st November 2016 | Cristina

There are many reasons why Iceland is coming up in the world of travel destinations for people with a bit of pocket money - beautiful blondes, clean air and hiking opportunities galore constitute just a couple. Here are the three things which drew me to the smallest Scandinavian country the most. Any curious wanderer should be able to get on board.

  1. Volcanoes

The whole country is basically a volcano - as soon as your transfer pulls out of the airport, you’re in the wild. You don’t have to be a wilderness type to appreciate this, as Iceland is so small that even in it's natural innocence, many of it's wild corners are not far from civilisation at all. Volcanoes are just one part of Iceland’s natural beauty but they occupy a large part of it's landscape, creating vast lava fields and desolate, windswept mountains and craters.

  1. Sigur Ros

Perhaps Iceland’s main export, Sigur Ros are the only rock band that sound anything like Sigur Ros. The band take the framework of an innovative alternative guitar band and from that, form an orchestral, cinematic, timeless sound which has captured the hearts of metalheads and pop stars alike. They’re not avid tourers so it’s not like you’re guaranteed to see them if you go to Iceland, it’s more just that the soaring majesty of Iceland’s landscapes is obviously such a large inspiration to the band that you can’t not want to go after hearing them.

  1. Secret Solstice

Secret Solstice is Iceland’s only big, global music festival, which Guestlist went to for the first time this year. Held in Reykjavik, it's lineup encompasses indie, hip hop, electronic music and much more. Radiohead and Die Antwoord were amongst the biggest names to play last year, demonstrating the variety of acts that the festival draws. Like most of Iceland’s talking points, it’s completely unique and owes everything to Iceland’s natural heritage - it brags a geothermal pool party and a glaciar rave.