You seen Junglist Movement's sick new tees?

Drum and Bass | Wednesday 16th November 2016 | Arren

Aerosoul have commissioned reworkings of their classic Junglist Movement tees.

Ever since the original Junglist Movement t-shirts appeared on the film Human Traffic, the brand has gone from strength to strength with its quality clothing connected the worlds of music and fashion.

Their most iconic still to this day remains to be the Junglist Movement tees. Go to any jungle, drum & bass party anywhere in the country and you'll see at least one being worn. There message has become a timeless statement.

As the brand moves into its second decade, Aerosoul founder Leke Adesoye decided to commission reworkings of the classic design. The 'A.S/J.M Collab Series' has been designed by two well regarded illustrators, Mitchy & Tadaomi Shibuya, who've smashed out the first two volumes in the new range.

Both volumes will be limited editions, coming in 5 colours - find them at the Junglist Movement site.