New releases: Peven Everett - King of Hearts

Other | Tuesday 2nd July 2013 | Chris

The distinguished and soulful voice of Peven Everett is back! This July his album King of Hearts hit the stores and it comes in the form of a well crafted slice of neo-soul with an infusion of jazz, funk, hip hop and 2-step.

Chicago legend Peven Everett has proved over the years that he is a musical genius. He has produced well over 50 albums worth of material and has mastered over 13 instruments. The self-proclaimed King Of Hearts teaches a lesson with his latest venture in how to squeeze soul and romance into many different genres of music. This diverse album has slow-burning and sensual tracks such as 'I can be your boyfriend' to wind things down and then more up-tempo jazzy options to get you moving, including our personal highlight 'One way ticket'. The higher tempo tracks speak to the listener at a more familiar level as they are reminiscent of his early releases and remixes which have continuously rocked dance-floors since the 90's (a couple of which are posted below). Another highlight is the track 'Baby mama with sense' which features a jazzy hip hop instrumental that appears to blend perfectly with his smooth and soulful voice.

King Of Hearts is out now on the new UK label Makin' Moves, so check it out! It has also been announced that Peven will be performing with his live band this summer in London as part of an extensive tour, so if your a fan make sure to get hold of a ticket to one of these events. Here's a few of our favourite Peven tracks for your listening pleasure...

by Chris Schwartz