Current Value tears shit apart with his Rethink EP

Drum and Bass | Tuesday 1st November 2016 | Arren

Current Value lands on Othercide Records.

Smashing out the Biocellulose album on Critical along with a flurry of releases on labels like Blackout, Ram and Bad Taste - it's fair to say Current Value has been busy this year. Despite all this the German powerhouse has still managed to get another EP in.

When we spoke to Current Value following the release of his Biocellulose album

The Rethink EP dropped on Monday on Othercide Records and sees him execute his standard tech fuelled robotic technique with ease. His precision bass drum patterns and otherworldly bass tones are displayed across the whole EP as he and Othercide show us how neurofunk is done.

Current Value fixes up 6 heavy hitting club tracks while Signs, Billain and Dean Rodell are up on remix duties. This EP will sure be causing some damage to the floors in the next few months. Current Value's Rethink EP is out now exclusivily on Beatport.

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