A Guide to Vigo Spain

Other | Monday 31st October 2016 |

Let us introduce you to Vigo, found in the South of Galicia, Spain, by the coast. If you ae lucky enough to get there, here are some places you should visit,

Islas Cies, the best beach in the world according to The Guardian.

Locals call this their "Caribbean beach", and the water is turquoise enough, the sand white enough to believe the comparison…until you dip your toe in the water.

Samil is the largest beach in the city of Vigo

Surrounded by :the famous museums, Museo do Mar and Verbum, loverly pubs and cafes all around.
Lots of cool things for the kids to do!

Parque Monte del Castro

With many facilities including a skating rink, a bike trail, cafes, playgrounds, exercise park, botanical garden and pond.

Parque de Castrelos

Enjoy the biggest park in Vigo, in the centre of the city. It´s very beautiful with its mazes and great views, and great views is what the city is all about. 

There is so much more to do in Vigo! Warm all year round, a hidden gem 

Have a great time when you go and say Guestlist sent ya!