10 life Lessons from Guru

RnB/Hip Hop | Wednesday 26th October 2016 | Ben

Some of us grew up listening to Guru from Gang Starr, making us wiser than you. It's cool though, you can go listen to his albums are some of the lessons that we have learnt:

People will do crazy shit to protect or improve their reputation 

"And back around the way, he'll have the chain on his neck, claiming respect, just to get a rep"


The fast way aint always the best way

"Been doing this for eons, peons best to catch this 

Vision of excellence precise rappin' ability,

'Bout to make some dead presidents, macking a million, G"


Believe in yourself, never give up

"Im 'bout to blow the fuck up because I refuse to quit, I'm out to get the props that are rightfully mine"


Be grateful, appreciate what you do have

"And other people got it worse, I get a lotta love, so I oughtta give my thanks first." 


 Sacrifice equals success

"Time to fend for myself Jack, so I'ma go for mine, and maybe never come back."


Hard work always pays off

"I've been laying, waiting for your next mistake, I put in work, and watch my status escalate."


 But sometimes relaxation is essential

"Everybody knows they have times when they wanna just lay back, kick their feet up, y'know."


Life's a struggle

"Money comin' but them days too few and far between

You tryin to taste just what the world's offering, ya'mean?


You aint nothing by yourself

"But I'm a stay with my peeps, stay in these streets."


Perhaps most repeated and most important - don't be wack!

"But slopiness, I could never tolerate it."

So there you go, kick back and listen to the inspiring jewels of wisdom from a hip-hop legend, and then maybe you'll be as smart as us.