Who are you calling vulgar?

Other | Monday 17th October 2016 | Cristina

The Vulgar at the Barbican has the wow factor in spades. Christian Lacroix's bridal gown is a black and gold, timeless masterpiece that transcends wearability, catapaulted by its precision artistry into the realms of fantasy art. As is much of the haute couture and royal drapery on display. The point they make is quite nice too – that vulgarity has been a word used by the rich ‘keepers of good taste’ to keep the poor and ‘vulgar’ in check. It seemed a little hypocritical and commercially minded that the Barbican chose to display wow factor items which aren’t really vulgar now, instead of fashion items or concepts that we truly see as vulgar now. Moschino might be pushing boundaries but it’s accepted, let’s be honest. One of Katie Price’s dresses might not be haute couture but is fashion nonetheless. Isn’t this our notion of vulgar?  It seems it wasn’t vulgar enough to grab the attention of the keepers of good taste.

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