After 10 years, The Founding Father of House, Lil Louis returns with his most ambitious album ever

House | Friday 14th October 2016 | Gaara

Lil Louis has finally completed his musical crowning achievement. In 2012, Louis released a teaser for his highly anticipated film The House That Chicago Built, which created an incredible buzz that was followed by 5 years of silence. A silence Louis now explains. “I was all set to put out the film, but realised illustrating House music through one medium was impossible, so I decided to create a few songs to expound on the film. That evolved into my living in the studio 20 hours a day for the last 5 years. I’ve written over 1500 songs as a result. I have too many songs that I love, so I’m releasing four albums back to back. The first release will be heard October 18 at an exclusive private record review.

The House That Chicago Built is an epic, groundbreaking film depicting the real story of the history of house music from its birth in Chicago through its entire evolution to becoming the world’s no. 1 genre of music, a story that to this day, has never been told. The film features over 180 of the world’s top and most influential DJs and House music pioneers.

Lil Louis’ career expands 42 years as a DJ, before Disco (1974-). He is an international artist, producer, songwriter, DJ, author and film director. Louis was the first in Chicago to play disco, a feat that earned him awe and initially a few boos and bottles. Over time his uniquely mastered art of DJing grew record crowds. In 1977, Louis held the world’s first 'rave'. Being the lab rat of the world’s first record pool, Louis is also credited for “breaking” more records than any other Chicago DJ. In the mid 70s, he took mixing to another level, pioneering 'edits', a tool that planted the seed of House Music. At 16, Louis opened the first of many successful Chicago nightclubs. 

His first official release was 'How I Feel/Frequency', on Dance Mania. In 1987, he released one of the most important house records of all time, “French Kiss” which topped charts around the world, selling 7 million copies, making Louis the top selling dance artist in history. Later releasing two albums on Sony/Polygram From The Mind of Lil Louis featuring 'French Kiss', 'I Called You' and 'Blackout' and 'Journey with the Lonely' (Gold), which contained the hits 'Club Lonely' and 'Saved My Life'. His third album Two Sides to Every Story, featuring 'Fable', was an answer to his book 'A Man’s Diary'.